145 points scored by Aristides Moumoglou in a single game in Greece

After we saw the best points record from the Turkish League, we go further to learn about the guy that scored the most points in a single game in the Greek Basketball League: Aristides Moumoglou.

Aristides Moumoglou was born in 1942 in Veria, Greece. He started playing for Iraklis youth clubs at the age of 16 and played all his basketball club games for this team. He played on shooting guard position. In his debut, he scored 16 points and that was a turnaround in his basketball career. He earned his place in the starting line-up and never lost it. He played for Iraklis between 1960 and 1967 and after that, he stopped playing club basketball because he wanted to dedicate himself to his studies. He finished the studies in 1970, being a graduate of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Medical School. He continued playing university basketball, and in 1970 he returned to Iraklis. The best was yet to come.

On July 13, 1972, Iraklis had a home game against VAO (Vizantinos Athlitikos Omilos) from Thessaloniki. Aristides scored a huge 145 points and Iraklis won the game 172-94. Then Iraklis coach was firm in his tactical indications: “The ball constantly to Aristeidis”. Aristides also stated: “My team-mates helped me incredibly. The ball did not get out of my hands. I scored 63 points in the first half and 82 in the second one. I remember Boga (Kostas Bogatsiotis) made a leap on his own. He didn`t score, he threw the ball in the dashboard and I get her and scored.”

This big performance helped him to win the league`s top scorer award after finishing with 654 points in that season. The second player scored 601 and the third one 522. His historical record is very far from the second best performance in Greek basketball. In the second place in the top scorers’ list is Panagiotis Giannakis with 72 points in 1981, in a game Ionic vs Aris 113-114. In the third place is Paraschos Tsantalis with 71 points scored in 1971.

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