1xbet – they steal your money!

1xbet - they steal your money!This betting company from Russia, but with Curacao iGaming licence is effectively a SCAM. Once you deposit your money, you can play, you can win, but you will never be able to withdraw your earnings!

So, actually, 1xbet never lose because even if you are a winner, you will never get your money from this website. Let me explain to you how this SCAM is working. Let’s suppose that you won a couple of bets and you want to withdraw some money. At this moment, 1xbet will ask you about more documents and you will send them copies of your bank statement, national ID, bills, thousands of copies of everything. And the simple process of withdrawing, which in other companies it takes 2-3 days, in 1xbet it will take months, years, the eternity. And the customers will never see their money! And new innocent people will be foolish every day with the promise of the bonus and with the best odds in the world!

That’s why 1xbet have been banned in some countries and have to be banned everywhere in the world because they don’t win your money, but they steal them!

The complaints about this company are thousands and below I give you some links about it:




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