A well-deserved win for Barcelona

A well-deserved win for Barcelona

After Game 3, when Barcelona was literally destroyed by Anadolu Efes, many people thought that they don`t have any chance to take the Game 4 and take this series to a Game 5, where everything will be possible. In Game 3 everything was bad for Barcelona, their field goal percentage – 39,4%, from the free-throw line – 38,1% ( 8-21 ! ) and only 13 assists compared to 25 from Anadolu.

But in Game 4 we saw another Barcelona team. They improved their defense, conceding only 20 buckets. Their defense contested almost every shot from Anadolu Efes, that had 26 free-throws and in the end, the Turkish team finished with only 48 field goals attempts to 70 from Barcelona.

The field goals attempts made percentages increase, compared with game 3. Now Barcelona scored 47,1% from their attempts and 52,1% from the 2-point. They had 17 assists, passing the ball much better than in game 3 and also had 8 turnovers to Anadolu`s 14.

Worth to be mentioned is the third quarter where Barcelona won with 27-12. They let Anadolu score only 3 buckets and 5 free throws in 10 minutes. The Spanish team scored 6 out of 7 at the 3-point line and won the rebounds battle with 10 to 2.

In Game 4, Barcelona proved that they are one of the best teams when talking about defense. They managed to fix their problems from Game 3 and gave their fans hope to see the favourite team playing in the Final Four on a Spanish arena. It will be a very interesting Game 5 in Turkey. We will see a great offensive team and a valuable defensive one, one against each other. May the best team win!

Bogdan Vasile Tirc, info@brainbasketball.net

A well-deserved win for Barcelona

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