After a double-round in EuroLeague, the teams are more vulnerable

What happened yesterday is very important in order to understand when you can bet on the underdog. Real Madrid won at only 1 point margin against the underdog Gran Canaria after a very balanced game. I previously bet on Gran Canaria at odd 8.75, at 11.00 and then live at 15.25 and as well on the huge handicap +15.5. Gran Canaria eventually lost but on some of the bets I made profitable cash out when the game was tied in the last stanza.

But other teams that had a very difficult week with a double-round in the Euroleague have lost their domestic league games. Panathinaikos against the visitors Promitheas, Zalgiris Kaunas at Juventus Utena, Bayern Munich vs. Crailsheim Merlins and Olimpia Milano destroyed at home by Trieste.

Except for Milano that lost by 20 points, the other Euroleague squads have lost with 2-3 points, in the overtime like Bayern or with a last lucky shot made by the opponents. So there were tied games, where nobody could predict that the underdog teams will win in the end. But the underdog had a better chance than normal because the Euroleague powerhouses were tired having too many games in a short period of time. They were more vulnerable than usual and if the odd was worthy or the handicap huge it should be a good idea to try it.

It’s not the same the first round of the domestic league with a full roster’s Bayern Munich against Crailsheim Merlins or the same encounter after the German powerhouse have just won in Moscow against CSKA.

Image: EuroLeague

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