All the Turkish players of Anadolu Efes combined for 2 points!

All the Turkish players of Anadolu Efes combined for 2 points!

Thanks to Dogus Balbay, the Turkish players of Anadolu Efes didn’t finish scoreless the game. With 2 minutes remaining from the game 3 of the Finals, Balbay scored 2 points and that was the entire bench contribution for Anadolu Efes. They won the encounter against the rivals Fenerbahce with a huge margin (74-57) playing 90% of the time only with the 5 starters.

Let’s see some intriguing facts and stats of the game:

  • Bobby Dixon started very well the battle having 3/3 from the arc in the 1st quarter, but after this great moment, the whole team of Fenerbahce had a pathetic percentage from the 3 points line: 5/34
  • at the same time, Anadolu Efes shot amazing and finished with 12/27 from the arc
  • Rodrigue Beaubois only scored 5  3 pointers from 7 attempts, the same as the entire Fenerbahce squad which made 5 but from 34 attempts
  • the entire strategy of Anadolu Efes was based on 3 points shots, the best proof is that Dunston Bryant scored only 3 points in more than 35 minutes spent on the court because scoring in the paint was not the first option of his team
  • The Turkish players of Fenerbahce, except the naturalized Bobby Dixon, had a nightmare day. In spite of playing many minutes, Melih Mahmutoglu – 26, Ahmet Duverioglu – 18 and Sinan Guler – 10 they scored together only 5 points, with extremely poor percentages.
  • Coming back from a long-term injury, Luigi Datome had -1 index rate as well as Kostas Sloukas, numbers that took any change of Fenerbahce to win this game.

If Datome and Sloukas won’t be back in shape for the next games, Fenerbahce can say Good-bye! to the Turkish title this season.

Gratian Cormos