(Almost) never bet on national teams!

(Almost) never bet on national teams!

It’s time now for a new round of qualifiers for the European Championship and for the World Cup. These weeks will be full of games between national teams in search for the final tournaments’ tickets. But I don’t recommend you to bet constantly on national teams and here’s why:

  1. the players selected for the national team’s are coming from different clubs. They don’t have time enough to train and know each other very well. They are coming in a hurry to join the national team, especially now with these windows and the fight between FIBA and Euroleague.
  2. the lack of motivation for some players is visible. They are always scared not to be injured during the national team games, losing money and risking their career. That’s why many of them don’t fight on the court at 100% of their real capacity.
  3. Playing for the national team for many is just for fun. You lose, yo go back to your club and that’s it.
  4. The roster is changing a lot every round. If you take a look at the rosters you will see countries that have a totally different one than last year. Let’s take just the example of the Eurobasket champion, Slovenia. They played the last games without Doncic, Randolph, Dragic, Vidmar and Prepelic – exactly the 5 players who provided the unbelievable victory by 20 points in front of Spain in the semifinals.
  5. every time when you want to bet on national teams just remember one embarrassing example: at the World Cup 2014, which took place in Spain, the local team smashed France with 88-64 in the group phase and later the same team was beaten by the French in the quarterfinals with 65-52!!!

Gratian Cormos, info@brainbasketball.net

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