An authentic clash in Piraeus: Olympiacos hosting Efes

There is sold out already in Piraeus for the awaited derby against the reigning champions from Efes. The Greeks are hoping for a win to forget the disastrous game made in Turkey a couple of months ago. Actually, Anadolu Efes is the team that beat Olympiacos with the biggest margin this season, almost 20 points: 88-69.

Anyway, today the Greeks are starting with the first chance and Anadolu Efes should have a difficult game in the Peace and Friendship Stadium, where the crowd creates each time a true inferno for the visiting squad. 

Anadolu Efes has won the last 2 games and they are trying to save a pathetic first half of the season when the Euroleague champions were unrecognisable. Efes lost too many games if we think a bit about the impressive roster they have, a roster even more complete than last year. They should be a top 3 team in Europe, while they are struggling to get a playoff spot. 

On the other side, Olympiacos Piraeus has till now a much better season than they had during the last years and they are keeping an eye on possible Final 4 presence, which wouldn’t surprise me at all. They have a very experienced and deep rotation and are showing the perfect combination between discipline and run-and-gun. One thing is for sure: each squad needs the victory tonight and they will fight as well to have it

Image credit: Olympiacos B.C.

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