Antwerp Giants scored 8 points in 19 minutes vs. MoraBanc Andorra

Yesterday, one of the most negative records in basketball history was written. At the halftime, the host team had a comfortable margin leading with 47-37 the visitors from Andorra. After the break, an unexplainable thing happened: Antwerp didn’t find at all the basket, scoring only 7 points in the 3rd quarter.

This was bad enough, but what came in the next quarter was even worse. After 9 minutes of playing, the Belgian team scored only a free-throw, totalling 8 points in 19 minutes. The last minute of the encounter saved a bit the numbers of Antwerp Giants because they scored 5 points. The last stanza was even poorer than the 3rd quarter with only 6 points scored for the host team, which during an entire half made only 13 points.

It seems that was not such a good idea for Antwerp Giants to join Eurocup or they have to change something in order to improve. To score 47 points till the break and in the second half only 13, it’s unbelievable. Normally the teams explode for high scoring after the halftime, because it’s when they give everything on the court. The first part of the game it is an experimental one, where the coaches try to use the largest rotation possible in order to avoid fatigue and the problems with fouls. Big teams save energy for the second part of the game, but it seems that Antwerp Giants consumed all the bullets before the halftime. I hope they can do better!

Image: Eurocup

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