Anything can happen in “El Clasico”

Yesterday, when I saw the odds for the Final of the Supercopa I was laughing. FC Barcelona was the favourite of course but Real Madrid was not at all that underdog of the bookmakers. It was not worth betting on Barca while betting on Real Madrid seemed a crazy thing.

After the astonishing turnaround when Los Blancos erased a 19 point deficit to eventually win the game, many people were simply shocked. Barca fans were disappointed, but hey, this is “El Clasico”. I remember many times in the past when FC Barcelona had no chance to win the league, but they surprised Real Madrid winning the Cup or the Supercup. Even if at that moment Real had a much better roster, the “miracle” happened simply because these kinds of battles are actually very balanced.

Anything can happen at this level, some minutes of lack of attention are quickly punished by the opponents. Even if Real Madrid had a lot of missing players the squad found the motivation to offer a strong answer. Let’s not forget this is just the beginning of the season when it is much more likely for the teams to have oscillating quarters and this is the beauty of the game.

It was not bad luck for Barca, it was just another page of “El Clasico” and Real Madrid led by the amazing Sergio Llull just fought till the end.

Image credit: ACB

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