Bahcesehir is building a strong team for the next season

Last season the Turkish team played in Fiba Europe Cup and recently they were accepted in the next Eurocup edition. With that roster they couldn’t have any chance in this competition even the level of it it’s very diluted compared with the past season. Eurocup is now more affordable for many teams because there are plenty of average teams, many of them weaker than in Basketball Champions League.

During a couple of weeks, Bahcesehir Koleji moved very well on the basketball market making some of the noisiest acquisitions. Between them the ex-Euroleague star Erick Green, a sharp-shooter and an extremely efficient offensive weapon, the experienced center Josh Owens, the Mexican guard Alex Perez and the forward Peyton Aldridge. All of them are tough guys and excepting Aldridge, they all have previous experience in the Turkish league.

The only foreigner resigned form the last years is Jamal Jones. As well the Turkish players Thomas Akyazili and Hadi Ozdemir will remain with the squad for another season, while the club is bringing in another back-up point guard, Dogus Ozdemiroglu. He has Eurocup experience from all these years playing with Darussafaka, being champion of the competition back in 2018.

This roster is good enough to participate in the Eurocup and if the club will decide to sign 1 or 2 more quality players they will be a tough cookie for many teams. In the domestic league, where the teams can have only 5 foreigners on the official sheet of each game, the local players will count a lot and maybe here Bahcesehir has to make some additions too. Even with this current roster, without any other signings, Bahcesehir has a good chance to reach the playoff next season, especially now when many clubs from Turkey are facing huge problems with the money.

Image: FIBA Europe Cup

Gratian Cormos