Bahcesehir with the first chance in front of Galatasaray

In the first days of September every year, Gloria Cup schedules basketball games in Istanbul. This season the participants were 3 teams from Turkey: Anadolu Efes, Bahcesehir and Galatasaray and Dnipro from Ukraine. Anadolu is already the champion before the last game of today against Dnipro because the Euroleague powerhouse won both games against the Turkish opponents and the Ukrainian guests seem to make no trouble.

The most interesting duel of the day will be between Bahcesehir and Galatasaray and I think that the Eurocup newcomer starts with the first chance this battle. First, Bahcesehir is aiming for a lot this season when they switched European competitions, jumping from a title contender in FIBA Europe Cup to participate in the Eurocup. At the beginning of summer, it was seen as an exaggeration but step by step they have built a competitive roster and the results will start to appear.

Two days ago they had a very tied game against Anadolu Efes, that used 7 foreigners, while Bahcesehir had only 4 because the Mexican guard Alex Perez was not available for this encounter. Even so, Bahcesehir came strongly against one of the top 5 teams in Europe and this is saying a lot about their quality. Not only the foreigners, like Erick Green, Josh Owens, Aldridge Peyton and Jamal Jones contributed a lot, but as well the Turkish players. Bahcesehir has one of the largest more than a decent bench, composed by experienced home-grown players like Ismet Akpinar, Burak Can Yildizli, Thomas Akyazili, Denis Kilici, Ridvan Oncel and Hadi Ozdemir.

On the other side, Galatasaray stepped down from Eurocup this season and they don’t look like a scary team till now. They have only 4 foreigners available for this game and the club is on the market to complete the roster. Galatasaray was smashed by Anadolu Efes with a huge margin last days and their bench support is far from being impressive.

Image: Bahcesehir FAcebook

Gratian Cormos

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