Banvit – no defense at all

If you’re familiar with the quote “Live and let live” you will understand better Banvit mentality “Score and let score”. Yesterday they played an easy game in Basketball Champions League against Avellino, a team plagued by injuries.

The visitors came to Turkey without any chance to win and the roster full with Italian kids. Banvit could easily beat them at 25 points margin. Instead of this the Turkish side played just offensively and allow the opponents to score 88 points.

The Americans of Banvit were preoccupied just to reach their numbers, not to play a real basketball game on both sides of the court. They forgot completely about the most important chapter of this discipline: the defense. Banvit players were very negligent with the ball, committing unprovoked turnovers which allowed many easy points for Avellino.

Angel Jimenez,

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