Barça won in Madrid: motivation and discipline more important than a full roster

After Thomas Huertel case, the odds dropped a lot on Real Madrid. FC Barcelona had – in the new circumstances – smaller chances to win el Clasico away. The absence of Hurtel looked like the last argument for an easy win of Los Blancos, that’s why a lot of people have bet on Real Madrid, but Barca stayed strong proving character.

Actually, the Catalan squad entered the derby with the roster decimated: they were without Victor Claver, long term injured, Brandon Davies, Thomas Huertel and they needed as well another player at the center position.

In yesterday’s battle, bench guys had to stand tall in order to give FC Barcelona a chance. Of course, Nikola Mirotic had an amazing night in a double-double with 41 at index rate, Cory Higgins played well too including that tremendous dunk on Edy Tavares, Kyle Kuric and Adam Hanga did a good job, but only a couple of players wouldn’t have been enough.

The Catalans roster was shorter and everybody had to help the team, even the younger or inexperienced guys. Rolands Smits, Artem Pustovyi, Sergi Martinez, Leandro Bolmaro had their role and the chemistry worked in this difficult situation.

Barca proved once again that motivation and discipline are at the end more important than to have a full roster, with incoherent and selfish stars. When they will have the roster complete, I see them as the main title contender in Liga ACB and Euroleague.

Image: EuroLeague 

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