Basketball Champions League – players with over 50% from the arc

Yesterday, the regular season of the Basketball Champions League concluded and we are ready for the playoff battle. Let’s review the list of the best 3 points shooters of the competition, with over 50% on this category.

  1. David Cournooh – I know that nobody expected him to be on top because he is a bench player for Virtus Bologna, a fact that proves the good level of the Italian team. He made 14 from 23 shots for 60.9% from the arc.
  2. Patrick Heckmann (Brose Bamberg) – even he missed half of the group games due to injuries, he showed a great concentration from the 3 point line: 11/20 and 55%
  3. Nicolas Lang (Strasbourg), even his team was eliminated from the next phase of the competition, he made 28 from 53 for 53.8%
  4. Tomas Delininkaitis (Neptunas) – the veteran still has it from the arc: 38/71 for 53.5%
  5. Haukur Palsson (Nanterre) – the Icelandic has no cold hands from the 3 points line. He scored 30 from 57 with 52.6%
  6. De’Mon Brooks (Bayreuth) – he had the same percentage as Palsson (52.6%) but he scored fewer shots: 20/38
  7. Hugo Invernizzi (Nanterre) – the Fench team has the second player in this top, proving why they qualified from the group. He has 28 from 55 for 50.9%
  8. Rihards Lomazs (Ventspils) made 35/69 from the arc with 50.7%

Gratian Cormos,

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