Basketball Champions League title contenders: Virtus Bologna

Basketball Champions League title contenders: Virtus BolognaAnother team, after Hapoel Jerusalem, with strong chances to make the Final4 of BCL this season and maybe win the trophy is definitely Virtus Bologna. The results of the Italian squad till now are impressive since they are still unbeaten in the competition after 7 rounds.

But there are not just simple results. This year, Bologna has a solid and efficient roster. We can start with the Italian veteran, Pietro Aradori, who is many times their leading scorer. Another great acquisition is the last Final4 hero – sharpshooter Kevin Punter. Then you have a group of players with experience in European competitions like Tony Taylor, Amath M’Baye and Brian Qvale.

Serbian big man Dejan Kravic and American Kelvin Martin can anytime be an option coming from the bench, as well as the Italians, many of them very young, but brave: Filippo Baldi Rossi, Alessandro Pajola, David Cournooh, Alessandro Cappelletti etc.

Virtus Bologna is now on the first spot of the group D, not the best group in Basketball Champions League, but anyway, this is already an important achievement and a big step to the Final4 of the competition, trying to catch the past glory of this team who was on the European elite for many years.

Graţian Cormoş,

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