Basketball HAS to be back

After the Coronavirus started to spread at the beginning of March, almost all the basketball leagues were cancelled. Then, scared by the disease, the authorities took the decisions to ban the games. Only 3 leagues finished with dignity the season in the whole continent: Spain, Germany and Israel. The question that is raising right now is about the future of basketball games because in one month some competitions have to start. It will be possible to play games? Because it seems that is total chaos in the mind of our leaders and they don’t know which decisions to take.

Other industries have come back to normal all over the world, but it seems that basketball is an exception. I don’t understand how 15 guys on a bus or on a flight could be a major risk for the planet? Let’s take the example of the Fiba Europe Cup qualifiers that will take place at mid-September. Romanian team U-Banca Transilvania has to go to play at the Bosnian side Igokea and then Igokea has to travel for the second leg in Romania. What’s the big deal with travelling from a country to another for 2 teams when daily millions of people are going to other countries?

All the basketball teams involved in European competitions (Euroleague, Eurocup, Basketball Champions League and Fiba Europe Cup) sums up at this time around 2000 players. Nothing compared with the crowds that are travelling daily in Europe. Then what is the problem? Why is considered so dangerous allowing teams to travel to other countries? This is the most efficient way to stop the virus? Somebody is so stupid to think that?

If an effective vaccine won’t be discovered, Coronavirus will stay with us for years, we cannot suspend basketball waiting for a miraculous solution fallen from heaven.

Image: Inga Klas from Pixabay

Gratian Cormos