Besiktas needs a big change

Besiktas started the season with huge expectations. New coach, new roster etc. But after the last night game against Medi Bayreuth, they have to change a lot of things. Of course, Kenan Sipahi and Can Mutaf were out with injuries and that can be a great excuse for the huge blow at home (74-90). But it doesn’t work completely if you take a look at the stats.

Yesterday, 4 foreigners from Besiktas had together 11 index rating. Ok, let’s take out the “boxing champion“, Joe Alexander who spent just 4 minutes on the court. But ex-Barcelona, Phil Pressey had just 3 from 11 FG, Croatian national team player Ivan Buva had just 2 index rating and Kyle Gibson 1/7 from the field and 3 on efficiency value.

This embarrassing situation is the fruit of demotivation, of laziness and lack of respect for your club and fans.  Without a change of attitude or changing the roster or/and the coach, the Besiktas season in Basketball Champions League seems compromised. These are the last moments for the club to wake up and take some measures until it’s not too late.

Ovidiu Farcas,

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