Betting advices for Basketball Champions League playoffs

Today will start the Basketball Champions League playoffs. It seems very balanced because almost all the teams had the same level. That’s why I don’t recommend you to bet on the favorite on the first leg of the series even if you think you are sure that a team is much better than the other one. And I will explain to you the reason.

Let’s take 2 series to illustrate my sayings: Le Mans vs. Virtus Bologna and Neptunas vs. Hapoel Jerusalem. The first leg will take place on the underdog court: at Le Mans and Neptunas. Even if you think that Virtus Bologna and Hapoel Jerusalem are much better, my advice is to wait for the second leg. Because:

  1. there will be no tragedy if the favorite loses the first leg with 4-6 points, because then, next week, on their home court they can smash the other team by 15-20
  2. the odds for qualification will grow on the favorite team of the series if they will lose the first leg
  3. at home, any team can win a game, with the support of the crowd, but that doesn’t mean to win the playoff series
  4. the BCL playoff was planned exactly this way: to have the first leg at the underdog and then the decisive game on the favorites squad court. Think about why!
  5. I saw by now many series when the underdog team won at home with a minimum margin, after struggling a lot, with luck or referees’ help and then in the second leg they were destroyed away

Gratian Cormos,

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