Betting: Can Brindisi win at Cantu?

I think that Brindisi has a good chance to win at Cantu in Legabasket today because:

  1. Cantu changed 2 players: Ike Udanoh, their captain and Tony Mitchell parted ways with the team and in their place, came Tyler Stone and Tony Carr. Normally, the newly arrived need a period to be integrated into the team’s plays both in offense and defense. And they aren’t. Tyler Stone arrived 3 days ago in Cantu.
  2. I don’t think these 2 new additions of Cantu will play better than Udanoh and Mitchell, who were 2 pillars of the team
  3. The Italians from Cantu are playing just a few minutes per game, which makes the rotation very small compared with Brindisi’s
  4. Brindisi is in a good shape, a week before they were the finalist in the Italian Cup

Gratian Cormos,

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