Betting tips: Brescia, Bologna, Torino

I pick up this teams from Italy because:

  1. Brescia has one of the largest quality rosters in Italy. Normally, they would destroy by 20 points a team like Cantu who has just 5 good players. Now Brescia has to fight next week against Ulm to qualify to the TOP16 of the Eurocup, so maybe they won’t concentrate to win with a big margin against Cantu, but Brescia has to win it!
  2. Virtus Bologna is one of the best teams in the Basketball Champions League but in Legabasket they are not on the good position. If they will fall again against a weak team like Pistoia, sanctions for the Bologna players will follow.
  3. Fiat Torino is not so bad as the stats show and they have a huge odd in this game at Varese: 3,60. The big man Jaiteh Mouhammadou will play for Torino, which will make the roster complete and they have a quality bench full with experienced players. Not to mention that Torino is on the bad position in Legabasket, which makes the victory more than important. Varese is the revelation team of the moment, but I am not so confident that they can beat so easily Torino.                   Gratian Cormos,

2 thoughts on “Betting tips: Brescia, Bologna, Torino

  1. If Virtus Bologna wins Champions League, I will leave my town, my family and my job and I will became a trappist monk. If Virtus Bologna this season wins Champions League I will go to make breer in Belgium as trappist monk. For the rest of my life.

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