Betting tips: Cantu to win vs. Avellino

For this weekend in Italy I recommend you to bet on Cantu against Avellino because:

  1. Avellino in the last games had lost many players due to injuries (during the BCL game against Murcia also Demetris Nichols joined the list). Actually, Avellino can count now just on Patric Young, Keifer Sykes, Ariel Filloy and a couple of young Italians who are not dangerous on the court.
  2. Cantu has a strong starting five who can face every team in Legabasket. Their only problem is the absence of a large rotation but in this case is not necessary because Avellino has a very short one.
  3. Sidigas Avellino will play against Cantu almost without power forwards and centers, just Patrick Young and Luca Campani has to cover these positions the entire game, which will be very difficult.

Gratian Cormos,

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