Betting tips: Cremona to win at Cantu

Vanoli Cremona has to win at Cantu because:

  1. Cantu has the fewest bench points in Italy. Actually, the roster is made by the 5 starters, who scored 90% of the points every game. Last game at Trento, Cantu’s bench scored just 4 points.
  2. With this short rotation it will be very difficult against Vanoli Cremona, who has experienced coach and a much deeper rotation
  3. Coach Evgeny Pashutin left Cantu and this will have an impact on the game
  4. The players of Cantu didn’t receive their salaries as usually. Captain Ike Udanoh expressed his disappointment about this situation and many ex-players of Cantu criticized the team because they didn’t receive the money after months or years, even when they won the trial against the club.
  5. I don’t think that a club who doesn’t spend any money on salaries can win every week for a long period of time

Gratian Cormos,

2 thoughts on “Betting tips: Cremona to win at Cantu

    1. It didn’t if “genius” Meo Sachetti decided to make an experiment and to start the game with 3 bench players: Ricci, Ruzzier and Stojanovic, instead of good players and to leave out for this game Peyton Aldridge. Because of this Cremona started very bad the game and then was no chance to come back.

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