Betting tips: F.C. Barcelona to smash Valencia in Copa del Rey

There is no doubt that Barcelona has to advance in Copa del Rey and Valencia won’t make any trouble to the Catalans. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Barcelona has one of the best seasons in the domestic league, where they occupy the 1st spot after 20 rounds. They had lost just 3 games in Liga ACB the entire season from 20 clashes.
  2. Valencia is not having a good moment, they have lost many games against weaker opponents, including last week at home against Obradoiro (87-94)
  3. F.C. is on fire. They’ve just destroyed Fuenlabrada with 106-76 showing their great offensive arsenal
  4. Valencia has Antoine Diot and Rafa Martinez out with injuries
  5. A Barcelona loss in front of Valencia it makes no sense now when the Euroleague powerhouse invested so much money. This season they have to have some results. And they have it already. It will be a disaster to lose to an average Valencia.

Gratian Cormos,

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