Betting tips: Sidigas Avellino to beat Alma Trieste

I trust Sidigas Avellino to smash the visitors from Trieste in Italian league because:

  1. This is a huge opportunity for Avellino to be closer to the playoff with 6 rounds remaining from Legabasket. The rankings are very tied in Italy and Avellino which is now on 4th spot is just 2 losses away from the 9th place occupied by Dinamo Sassari
  2. Alma Trieste has announced 2 important injuries: Hrvoje Peric and Juan Fernandez. These 2 players combined on average for 22 points per game adding 8 rebounds and 5 assists.
  3. Avellino has now a healthier and larger roster than they had for the entire season: they bring in experienced Americans Demonte Harper and Ike Udanoh to replace injured players so now their rotation is optimal.
  4. The money problems appeared as well at Trieste after Luigi Scavone, the owner of Alma Trieste was arrested for tax fraud.

Gratian Cormos,

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