Blind NBA refs are not fined?

Two new no-call situation from this week come to confirm that the NBA referees are pathetic. Now, I understand exactly why John Wall declared he has no respect for them.

Let’s analyze the first case: Ricky Rubio trying to defend as good as it’s possible James Harden in a clutch possession of the last minute of the 4th  quarter. It was 97-94 for Houston against Utah. Harden committed a huge travelling violation on the step-back jumper and instead of this, the refs called foul on Rubio on the 3 point shot attempted by Harden. So, 3 free-throws for Houston Rockets star, decision which increased the margin between the teams and cut the Utah comeback.

The second case, it’s even worse, because it was a no-call on the last shot of the game between Pacers and Raptors. Bojan Bogdanovic was clearly fouled on the 3 point shot and the refs “didn’t see anything”. But the commentators of the game have noticed and called the foul. Of course, they have no power to decide.

Such kind of refs very good paid for their job are a shame for the best league in the world. Nobody fine them? Or fire them? They simply do what they want on the court: calling foul instead of steps violation or no-call when they don’t like to whistle? Or they just help some teams, favoring the franchises loved by the NBA organization? And those teams have to win BY ANY MEANS.

Gratian Cormos,

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