Brainbasketball team won 3 from 4 shooting contests in Veszprém

When our website decided to sponsor these guys I had no doubt that was one of my best decision. They are coming from Transilvania travelling to Hungary every summer to win the shooting contests organized in different cities there.

The group is led by Sandor Vizi, winner of hundreds of shooting competitions in many countries. He was invited as well to participate in the Hungarian League All-Star Game and eventually won one time the 3 points contest, competing against professional players.

Vizi’s group of shooters is composed by Imre Halasz, Veres Adrienn and Santha Gabor. This is exactly the squad that stole the show in Veszprém on 1st of June, where they have won 3 from 4 shooting contests, including the 3 points competition, 2ball game and 3 shots. The entire competition is organized by Streetball Challenge Hungary ( and I am sure Brainbasketball team will bring more titles this summer because there will be 8 more shooting competitions, including the last one in Budapest on 14th September.

Gratian Cormos,