Brescia Leonessa has a good chance to win at Cantu

The Italian Supercup is played in an interesting format this season. There are 4 groups and only one team will advance to the Final 4. Here are the groups, each one having a strong candidate for the winning spot, while the other teams are fighting for the second spot, which is irrelevant:

Group A: Basket Brescia Leonessa, Olimpia Milano, Pallacanestro Varese and Pallacanestro Cantù.

Group B: Virtus Bologna, Vanoli Cremona, Fortitudo Bologna and Pallacanestro Reggiana.

Group C: Umana Reyer Venezia, Aquila Basket Trento, Universo Treviso Basket and Pallacanestro Trieste.

Group D: Dinamo Sassari, New Basket Brindisi, Virtus Roma and Victoria Libertas Pesaro.

Because of this format, the games could count in a different way, depending on the motivation of each team. Today one of the most interesting derbies will be at Cantum where Brescia will play their first game after Covid-19 era. I trust Brescia to win the encounter if nothing strange will happen because:

  • Cantu has a low-level roster this season, average foreigners and almost no good Italians.
  • on the other side, Brescia Leonessa is one of the strongest team of the competition and a Eurocup participant, having the roster full with high-level foreigners and besides that, national-team level Italians, like Christian Burns, Brian Sachetti, Luca Vitali and so on.
  • The bench could decide this game and Brescia has a huge advantage with a lot of skilled guys to replace their five starters
  • Brescia is aiming to fight with Armani Milan for the group top spot and losing now from the first round at the worst team of the group it will be a bad start.

I think that if Brescia will fight to win with the motivation they can smash Cantu today because the value of the rosters and the goals for the season of each team cannot be compared.

Image: Eurocup

Gratian Cormos