Brescia lost again embarrassingly vs. Vanoli Cremona

The only excuse to be found by Germani Brescia for this pathetic loss could be the absence of Christian Burns. The fact he didn’t play affected a bit the rotation, of course, but nobody will understand where disappeared the big lead from the first quarter when Brescia looked like they are dominating the visitors.

From that moment a lot of mistakes started to turn the wheel and step by step, Germani Brescia drowned in their own mediocrity and lack of good offensive decisions. They look tired, incoherent, committing so many errors that was impossible to keep alive the hope of a win. Especially the last stanza of the encounter was miserable. Brescia was totally destroyed in 10 minutes, losing all their previous efforts to build a comfortable lead before the last break of the game.

Coach Maurizio Buscaglia is a good professional without a doubt, he proved it before, but Brescia didn’t follow the instructions, they had many moments of bad inspiration when they just shoot without thinking and without finding the right time to do so.

Absolutely pathetic, the victory was right there, but Brescia was not able to keep a clear mind for the final minutes. The lack of an organized approach of the game was visible by far. They have lost with the brave but average squad of Cremona, that was definitely considered the underdog of this battle.

Image: Eurocup

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