Brescia should win at Treviso

Today Germani Brescia will visit Treviso in search for their first win in Legabasket. Brescia should win this encounter because:
  • They have an impressive rotation made by quality foreigners and a couple of national team level Italians (Sachetti, Burns, Vitali). Brescia has actually a 12 men roster that can beat any team in Italy. On the other side, Treviso has only a couple of good players, and between them the 38 years old, David Logan. Their bench is very short and weak.
  • Brescia had enough rest for this game. They played in Eurocup 4 days ago at home, winning against Ulm. The trip to Treviso is under 200 km distance, so they cannot invoke fatigue as an excuse.
  • The visitors are 0-2 already in the Italian league, losing after very balanced games at Varese and at home against Virtus Bolognia with the minimum margin (80-81). The club is aiming for more and having this competitive roster it has to be normal to prove your value. If you want to reach playoffs you cannot afford to lose to underdogs.
  • In spite of winning vs. Dolomiti Energia Trento, Treviso showed their weaknesses in the 40 points loss against Olimpia Milano. Let’s not forget that they beat Trento which had 2 important Americans missing with injuries at that moment.
Anything will depend on the concentration of the Brescia’s players. If their desire to win is high, Treviso won’t have any chance. If Brescia is saving energy for the next Eurocup game at Mornar Bar, they can have some problems at Treviso.

Image: Eurocup

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