Brindisi to smash Treviso: my prediction on the Telegram channel

One of the predictions for the weekend on my Telegram channel was Brindisi to win by at least 5 points against Treviso. There were a couple of reasons for this to happen:
  • Treviso has just parted ways with Cheese Tyler, an American player who didn’t help them in the previous games. Treviso signed the Polish guy Michal Sokolowski to replace him, but he couldn’t enter for this game. So the Treviso roster was even shorter than normal and their bench is weak. Actually, Treviso could rely on this game only on 4 Americans, between them the veteran David Logan and some average Italian players.
  • On the other side, Brindisi had a much better rotation, 6 foreigners and some decent local players and they are in a good shape. Last round they won with 80-76 on the difficult court of Reggio Emilia, a very tough team at home.
  • The most important argument was that Brindisi won’t play next week in Basketball Champions League, having their debut only in 28 of October, so they could give everything in this encounter against Treviso.
But, in the first part of the game, the visitors smashed Brindisi, having a consistent advantage at the halftime: 53-38. At that moment my advice for the subscribers of my betting Telegram Channel was to place the money on the 3rd quarter: Brindisi to arrive first at 10, 15 and 20 points scored in that period. Brindisi bounced back, winning the 3rd quarter with 30-14 and then they won the game with a comfortable margin 99-83. No more words needed. 

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