Buducnost – coaches, money and performance

We all saw that Buducnost was not happy with the results and they made some changes. First, they added new players: ex-NBA champion Norris Cole, Eurocup champion, James Bell and the young Georgian giant, Goga Bitadze. Then they fired the coach Alexandar Dzikic, replacing him with one of the most overrated coaches ever: Jasmin Repesa.

And what they expect now? To be in the Final 4? To catch at least a playoff spot? Under Dzikic, Buducnost have beaten Baskonia, CSKA and Barcelona. Isn’t this great? It’s fantastic! And it’s the top of their performances this season. This Euroleague season is done for them. They can hire as head coach Zeljko Obradovic, Sarunas Jasikevicius or Dimitris Itoudis. Or even Brad Pitt! Their place in the Euroleague ranking will be almost the same!

That’s why I don’t understand the whole scandal of firing Dzikic. Another coach got hired and you got beaten by Olimpia Milano with a historical 111-94 . No surprise at all.

Another stupid thing that I’ve heard about Buducnost: this year they have money, so the results have to come! What money? 30% of Milano’s budget is money? Yes, maybe it is in Adriatic League, in Balkan League, in Montenegro, Bulgaria, Slovakia, but unfortunately not for Euroleague, which is a competition for the rich clubs. Sometimes the poor teams are invited to participate, but not to disturb the party of the rich teams.

It is an interesting experience to participate in the Euroleague for newcomers like Buducnost or Gran Canaria, but they have any chance for the playoff. Even with big guru Repesa and with more money than last season.

Ovidiu Farcas, info@brainbasketball.net

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