Bursaspor is proving their hunger for a playoff spot

These rounds have a special meaning for many teams involved in the race for the playoffs. Bursaspor is one example of the struggle to catch that opportunity, but if you analyze a bit all the domestic leagues in Europe, you will definitely see hungry teams. These clubs have something in common: they are coming strong after a bad start of the season or weak first half of the championship trying to turn the tables before the last round.

I chose Bursaspor because they fit perfectly with this pattern. They were a disappointing Eurocup participant, wasting energy in 2 competition at the same time and their results were poor in both of them. They had also problems with injuries and some covid cases that affected the quality of their game. They have a great roster with a large bench but never showed their real value. Now, when it’s all or nothing the things start to move in the right way for Bursaspor. They won the last 4 games in the Turkish league, including yesterday surprising result at Pinar Karsiyaka, one of the toughest courts to steal a victory.

The best job for the bettors at this stage of the competition no matter the league is to try to identify which teams will enter the playoffs, which will fight like hell and which teams will surrender, accepting a failed season. The last rounds are like the last minutes of a game: full of turnaround moments.

Image: Eurocup

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