Cantu finished very bad the game at Venezia

Cantu finished very bad the game at Venezia

Last round in Legabasket, the visitors Cantu were very close to obtaining a huge victory. In the final seconds of the encounter, they had 2 points advantage and as well the possession, so Umana Venezia was forced to fouls and take them at the free-throw line. Frank Gaines missed the 2nd free-throw and at the score 77-74 with 5 seconds left, Cantu didn’t foul Venezia’s players letting them instead score what they need to tie the game: the 3 pointer of Austin Daye.

A huge mistake of the Cantu’s coach who didn’t order the foul which would give Venezia just the opportunity of 2 points, instead of 3. This is not an option! If you are ahead by 3 with a couple of seconds left, you have to foul the other team! This is basketball fundamentals, not any difficult philosophy!

In the overtime again Cantu had 4 points advantage (90-86) with 1 minute left and the ball, but guess what happened? Frank Gaines committed a turnover and then Venezia came back to 90-90 but Cantu had again the last possession to try to seal the deal! What happened? Easy to answer: another turnover made by Tony Carr, who was also out with his 5th foul in the next second.

Venezia won wit 94-90 a crucial game for them in order to secure the 2nd place for the playoff. By these stupid mistakes, Cantu not also lost an important step for their playoff presence too but as well diminished the possibility of Vanoli Cremona to finish 2nd in Legabasket, which would give them the home-court advantage in the potential semifinals against Venezia.

The conclusion is: when you are dumb, this affects not only you but as well the other innocent people around you!

Gratian Cormos,

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