Cedevita – ambitions without money!

At the beginning of the new season, everybody was sure that this year’s Cedevita Zagreb project will be successful. A Euroleague coach like Sito Alonso, who took with him some famous names from Spanish basketball (Pablo Aguilar, Augusto Lima and Victor Benite), and a combination between young talented Croatian and American experimented legionary seems to be the perfect recipe for a long trip in Eurocup and maybe winning ABA League.

Every time I see such an ambitious project and too many big names on the roster, I am asking myself if it will be a really positive result or a total BLUFF, which is the case with Cedevita. You can saw from the first games that something is affecting the team, maybe they needed more time to know each other.

But not just the results were the problem, actually, Cedevita was playing like a sick man. I remember the surprisingly game lost against Mega Bemax (whose players average age is 20 years old), then against the opponent team from Zagreb, Cibona, when CEdevita players scored just 46% from the free-throw line!!!

And now, Sito Alonso and many players are out, because there is no money! And there were no money, just promises! Now the team lost almost half of its foreigners and even if they tried hard yesterday, they were defeated at Tofas! Let’s see what the future will bring, maybe some money, maybe some brain, maybe not just unrealistic projects!




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