Cedevita and Partizan have lost in a pathetic way!

Two huge surprises at the friendly basketball tournament that is taking place in Croatia. Pesaro has beaten Cedevita in the overtime, while Cibona smashed Partizan.

Both games have something in common: Pesaro and Cibona are two teams with a low budget this season, with a roster composed of many young and inexperienced players, while their opponents are “strong” squads with a lot of fantastic players. Both of them (Pesaro and Cibona) have almost only home-grown players because they didn’t have the money to sign big names like Partizan and Cedevita did. 

Cedevita disappointed me yesterday. A team that will compete in the Eurocup, with a deep bench full of Euroleague level players couldn’t control the last stanza. They were leading with 13 points before the last quarter and then they lost in the overtime. It is so ridiculous to be beaten by a team that has no notable players, except the 39 years old Carlos Delfino. Then, Cedevita Olimpija was beneficiated by a huge number of free throws compared with Pesaro. 

In the other game, Partizan was reduced to only 64 points by a team of teenagers, Cibona. This is the level of the title contender in the Eurocup?! Of course, there are just friendly games, but the difference between the budgets and rosters of Partizan and Cibona is too big to lose like that. 

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