Coronavirus break severely affected Reggio Emilia’s basketball level

I watched the entire game between Pesaro and Reggio Emilia and I know all their players. Pesaro had important absences like Franz Massenat and Henri Drell and actually could rely on only 7 players. Reggiana was coming after a long break generated by many Covid cases. The odd on them dropped from 3.35 to 1.90 at the game-time.

A healthy Reggio Emilia should win this encounter by 15 points, but in spite of recovering from Covid, the players are not at their full potential. They are talented players, brave guys, but the effects of the disease and the break led them to a very poor game.

Of course, the referees helped a bit Pesaro, but the main enemies of the visitors were:

  • confusion on the court, wrong reading of the game’s situations
  • lack of defense, allowing Pesaro to score easy points and to make offensive rebounds
  • due to a poor coherence in offense, they made too many turnovers (21), the majority of them unprovoked by the opponents,  
  • very poor percentages from the arc and from the free-throw line

I know Reggio Emilia and this is not their type of approach, we saw them all in the Italian Cup and in the previous games of Legabasket. They cannot be compared with Pesaro. But Coronavirus and the pause in the basketball training had an important word to say in their yesterday game. Reggio was far from being Reggio.

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