CSU Sibiu resisted heroically to Bahcesehir in Fiba Europe Cup

Yesterday night the Romanian club, CSU Sibiu hosted Bahcesehir. Nobody expected such a derby, especially because the home team couldn’t count on their main scorer Barry Stewart who is averaging 17 points per game. On the other side, the Turkish squad came to Sibiu, without one of their best players, Sean Armand who missed the last games with an injury.

The game was very balanced with runs and comebacks, CSU Sibiu trying to steal the victory, beneficiating from Bahcesehir mistakes. Even if the visitors were stronger, having in their roster bigger names than CSU Sibiu, the Turkish squad failed at the discipline chapter, playing not so organized in offense as the local team did. CSU had some very good moments of full-court pressing, forcing the opponents to commit more turnovers (14) compared with only 10 made by the host.

CSU Sibiu defended their chances, putting a good fight till the end. Even in the last minute of the game, when they were down by 7 points and the encounter seemed already sealed , they forced a comeback, stealing the ball and scoring with cold-blooded instinct. CSU Sibiu hast lost eventually only with 2 points in a game where nobody gave them a chance and I think this is telling a lot about their capacity to concentrate and not losing hope, even when they are down.

After this loss, in conjunction with the other game of the group, where Fribourg Olympic was hammered at home bu CSM Oradea, Bahcesehir has a great chance to advance to the next stage of the competition. The Turkish squad needs only to win their next home games against Fribourg and CSU Sibiu, teams that they have already defeated away. If the American scoring ace Sean Armand will rejoin soon the team, Bahcesehir can be again a very tough opponent in Fiba Europe Cup.

Photo: Fiba Europe Cup

Gratian Cormos