Daring to take big odds at live

One of the most common mistakes of the bettors is to trust a team when the odd is “pretty decent”, I mean low. They bet on a team if the odd is not so big, but of the odd grows they won’t have any try.

I propose you to analyze a case that happened yesterday in the Polish League. GTK Gliwice hosted Anwil Wloclawek. The initial odds were 2.10 on Anwil on Unibet but then started to descend because Ivan Almeida, their main players who said that will leave the club because he was unpaid, changed his mind and stayed with Anwil. In the same time, Anwil made some important additions, singing ex-Euroleague guard Curtis Jerells and Kyndal Dykes.

The odd dropped to 1.80 then at 1.57 then back at 1.80 then back at 1.55 because the bettors were not sure if those additions will play against Gliwice and how they will perform. Another argument was that Gliwice strengthened their frontcourt with center Mario Delas.

So everybody expected the game-time to see any possible clue. I didn’t advice people to take Anwil at that odd 1.55 or even 1.80 not because I didn’t trust Anwil, but only because it was simply too small. Then Anwil led with 10 points during the first half and we all thought why we didn’t trust them to win this game. But in the 3rd quarter, the host team came back and we had the possibility to bet on Anwil this time at odd 3.60. That was a good choice because the game was tied and the odd was huge on Anwil. Not 1.57 as initially but 3.60. That’s why I always told you: trust odds, not teams.

The same thing is happening every day in many games, so don’t pick your team at small odd, wait during live for the chance of the growing odd and then bet on them.

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