David Stern is so funny, finding excuses for the Team USA’s poor results

David Stern is so funny, finding excuses for the Team USA’s poor results

The yesterday’s loss against France made the whole planet happy, but David Stern. One day before the game, having a bad feeling, the former NBA commissioner was accusing the FIBA system of the Team USA’s absences. Look at what he has stated at the end of the interview for The Undefeated:

“FIBA made a mistake moving the World Cup into odd years. And as a result, you are asking players to play in the FIBA world championship, play in the season and then play in the Olympics. And I think that pushed a lot of players to feel that they should make a choice between back-to-back years of international competition. And that’s it”.

How funny is that! But let’s see some arguments against David Stern’s opinion:

  • the NBA players have come to join other National teams, even if they will play again next year too in the Olympic Games. They are not tired, but proud to participate 2 years in a row on the highest level on FIBA’s competitions.
  • There are hundreds of good Americans in the NBA and all over the world, not only the 15-20 stars that international media is pushing in front. The base of the selection for Team USA is at least 10 times bigger than for other countries. Compare the selection of the USA with the Czech Republic, for instance.
  • The basketball level in the whole world has increased during the last decade and the NBA itself is becoming more and more international every season. So other National teams (that are including a lot of NBA-ers in their roster) have now a better chance to win the World Cup than in the past.
  • There is no tragedy that the USA has lost this game against France after many years of excellent results when the Americans have dominated the international basketball competitions. It was only a game, every team can lose, that’s the essence of the encounter. So, don’t worry, Mister Stern!

Photo: http://www.fiba.basketball/basketballworldcup/2019/

Gratian Cormos