Do-or-die for Giannis & Co. against Czech Republic

Do-or-die for Giannis & Co. against Czech Republic

It’s a sure thing that Greece didn’t show their real face against the team USA. Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kostas Sloukas were rested in the last quarter because this was not the most important game for the Greek squad. The biggest exam will be on Monday when Greece will have to face in a thriller one of the most surprising teams at the Fiba World Cup, Czech Republic.

The encounter will be a tough one especially because Giannis & Co. will have to win it at least by 12 points in order to qualify themselves for the quarterfinals. There is no other option than to storm past the Czech defense, trying to score as many points as you can. And Greece showed they can do this against Montenegro (85 points scored) and New Zeeland (103). But the best defense in the world is needed by the Greek team as well if they want to qualify.

Now it’s time to see the NBA MVP showing his greatness. Giannis is considered by many the best player at the moment in the best competition of the planet. So I am expecting a huge contribution from his part. Giannis is not Thomas Satoranski, a decent guard with high IQ, he is “monster” in basketball history!

If you take a look at the players resumes from both squads, you cannot compare Greece with the Czech Republic in any chapter. The Greeks, excepting Giannis, are having an amazing Euroleague experience. Most of them have played for many seasons for two of the best clubs in Europe, Olympiacos and Panathinaikos. Half of them (Calathes, Papanikolaou, Printezis, Bourousis, Sloukas, Mantzaris) has won the Euroleague title at least one time. Let’s see if they will find chemistry and a higher percentage from the arc.

On the other side, the Czechs are a brave team, a working hard group of players, but seeing them in the quarterfinals will be too much.

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Gratian Cormos