Dolomiti Energia Trento – disappointing in friendly game

Dolomiti Energia Trento – disappointing in friendly game

The yesterday friendly game lost by Trento in front of Vanoli Cremona confirmed the weak shape of this team for the next season. It seems that the summer transfers were a wrong business because Dolomiti Energia Trento was dominated by the visitors the whole game. The biggest margin between the teams was about 18 points in the 3rd quarter.

Many people were expecting a different result of the game, especially for these 2 reasons:

  1. even if Dolomiti Energia Trento didn’t play in their homecourt, PalaTrento, but in Palasport di Carisolo, they were still at home, in front of their fans, in the same region of Italy
  2. The visitors Vanoli Cremona came for this game without their head coach, Meo Sachetti, who is departed to China with the national team of Italy for the Fiba World Cup. And let’s be honest Vanoli Cremona is a club that never participated or has the intention to participate in the European competitions, actually an average team backed by the referees in the Italian league. And it’s not about losing this friendly game but it’s about Trento converting themselves in a weak team this season.

The only absence for Dolomiti Energia Trento was Davide Pascolo, but even so, everybody expected more from a Eurocup team in front of their own fans. Aaron Craft, one of the few players remained from the old squad, normally the engine of the offense scored only 5 points. The recent acquisitions, the Americans Rashard Kelly – 7 points and George King – 3!!! How will this team compete at a high-level in Europe with such a poor roster? If the Italian club doesn’t make any changes they will be smashed game after game by any team. The actual roster is not enough to reach Legabasket playoffs or to have a decent campaign in Eurocup. But it’s enough to be embarrassed every game, no matter who the opponents are!

Gratian Cormos