Doncic and LeBron – rookie season comparison

All these weeks, I saw in the media many types of comparison between the young Luka Doncic and the most dominant figure of the decade in the NBA, LeBron James.

Both of them made their debuts on teams who gave them a lot of minutes on the court, making them the pillar of that squad. But let’s see the stats speaking for themselves: LeBron scored 20.9 ppg and Doncic just 19.6 (after the first 36 games played). So, 1-0 for the King James!

But Doncic has more rebounds per game (6.5) than LeBron (5.5), so the score between them is tied again. At the assists category, LeBron is a bit better: 5,9 compared with 5.0 of the Slovenian star. 2-1 for LeBron, who has more steals (1.6 compared with 1.1) but also more turnovers (3.5 vs. 3.4). The score is 3-2 for the new Laker!

It’s an incredible fact that both players have exactly the same personal fouls per game: 1.9.

With a small margin, LeBron James is better than Luka Doncic but we have to take in consideration also the minutes spent on the court because Lebron has 39.5 min per game in his rookie season and Doncic just 32.

Anyway, beyond the simple stats, both of them are huge players, who will leave a mark on this century’s basketball.

Angel Jimenez,

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