Durant’s missed shot can be a lesson for the entire NBA

Last 13 seconds of the game, Brooklyn Nets have the ball with the chance to tie or win the game against Milwaukee Bucks. You all saw what happened: an airball made by Kevin Durant and the Superstars are going to have holidays for the rest of the playoffs.

This missed shot is very important because it reveals the lack of strategy in the NBA offense. In European basketball, this thing cannot happen because here we use our brains. Why do we have coaches, time-outs, hours of training if all we can get is a pathetic airball?

You have 13 seconds left, then plan something smart, a pick-and-roll that will offer you many opportunities to attack the rim. In these moments of the game, the ball has to be in the hands of a fast guard that can create a mismatch. Instead of this, the ball is in the hand of a giant that has reduced abilities to dribble in that area and then he made a stupid shot. That’s not basketball, I am sorry!

That was a fail of preparing the team for this kind of situation when you had to come with a smart play in order to tie the game. What was the smart play? A crazy airball shot? Plan something, execute well your strategy and you will have results. Till that moment, you are only a bunch of selfish guys chasing for the ring!

Image credit: IdeaHuntr

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