Efes – Barça: the clash of the hurt Titans

Who would have believed at the beginning of the season that Anadolu Efes, last year no.1 in the rankings will be now at 10 in the Euroleague? The injuries and the Coronavirus did a dirty job and affected a lot the Turkish team’s performances.

The good news is that there is enough time to rebuild and recover. There are many rounds left and definitely, Anadolu Efes will start to win games. The next encounter is today and they will meet another title contender, FC Barcelona that started the season as the new kings of the Euroleague, but during the last rounds, they showed some weak sides of their game.

Of course, Barca has some strong alibis: the power forward Victor Claver is long-term injured, the guard Thomas Huertel is on the way out of the team and the truth is that the club needs a real center because this position is not covered properly in their roster. They know it but they are waiting to find the best piece to fit perfectly in the puzzle.

So today, it will be the clash of two hurt teams, that will try to heal their wounds with a win. Even it’s only a game it is a symbolical encounter of two squads that could have played the Final of the Euroleague last season and they can do it also this year.

Image: EuroLeague 

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