Efes had 2.17, while Barça 2.30 – I like those odds!

We all want to bet without risks, but normally this is not possible. Only a few times a year different bookies are coming with totally opposed odds. This was the case yesterday late evening when 2 big betting website came up with so different odds that offered to the bettors a huge chance to make free money.

In the image, you can see the details. It’s about the Euroleague Finals between Anadolu Efes and FC Barcelona. While Unibet offered 2.17 on the Turkish team, Betano/Stoiximan offered 2.30 on FC Barcelona. A win-win situation for us, the bettors. Quickly all of us had to place money on both teams regarding any other argument. Even if you don’t care or you are not sure at the moment who will be the winner, you should jump instantly on both odds because you cannot lose. Now you can stay relaxed and watch the finals. That’s why I always recommend you and I wrote about this topic also in my book: always use different bookies! Normally the odds cannot vary so much and the market tends to unify and stabilize them in the next hours.

In this case, as expected the odd on Anadolu Efes on Unibet was too big, taking into considerations the injury of the main guard of FC Barcelona, Nick Calathes. I don’t say that Efes will win but now they have a better chance and this reflected in the odds dropping. I really think is that the true odds for this battle has to be 1.80 on Efes, 1.86 on the Catalans.

Image: EuroLeague

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