Euroleague players with over 70% field goal

In the end, it doesn’t matter how spectacular you play if your percentage is crappy. Let’s see who are the most efficient scorers of the Euroleague regular season. Of course, all of them are centers, because it’s easier to score dunking the ball then to shoot a 3 pointer.

3. Kaleb Tarczewski in spite of missing the playoff, the big man of Olimpia Milano was one of the best players in the paint this season. He has 72.41% from the field in 24 games played.

2. Georgios Papagiannis after being forgotten on the bench at the beginning of the season, the ex-NBA Greek giant had seen his role on the court growing. Since Panathinaikos made him a starter, Papagiannis improved a lot, reaching a fantastic percentage from the field: 75.41% in 23 games played in the Euroleague.

1. There is one king in the paint and his name is Walter Tavares from Real Madrid. His athleticism cannot be matched by any other center in the continental competition. That’s why he has the best percentage from the field: 78.15%. He passed also Tarczewski and Papagiannis in games played (29) and baskets scored (93) which makes him without any doubts the most dominant figure of the Euroleague inside the arc.

Gratian Cormos,

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