F.C. Barcelona worse than Shaquille O’Neal from the free-throws

F.C. Barcelona worse than Shaquille O’Neal from the free-throws

Shaquille O’Neal finished his NBA career with 52.7% from the free-throw line. He was a giant with huge hands and that’s why the ball was like a tennis-table ball for him. Very difficult to have a good percentage in his case. But yesterday the whole team F.C. Barcelona had 38.1% at free-throws against Anadolu Efes.

The curiosity is that both teams scored 8 free-throws: the visitors 8 from 8 and Barcelona 8 from 21. Just follow the stats for this game and you will be shocked. Barcelona had 66 shots and 21 free-throws attempted and Anadolu Efes 67 shots and just 8 free-throws attempted. Even more, the Turkish powerhouse committed 22 fouls compared with just 11 made by the host team.

In these circumstances, the host team has to win! Everywhere in the world where is a battle for a Final 4 spot! Instead of this, Barcelona lost all 4 quarters and the blow was almost 35 points margin! 39% from 2 points range? In the Euroleague playoffs??? Allowing the opponents 74%? This is embarrassing for any team in the competition, but even more for the best team in the Spanish league this season.

One last fact: Kevin Seraphin played last night for Barcelona and he did a good job, but Brock Motum didn’t play for Efes. It was not necessary for him to enter the court!

Gratian Cormos, info@brainbasketball.net


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