FC Barcelona with a difficult mission in Belgrade

It will be a tough night in Alexandar Nikolic Hall, where the host team Red Star Belgrade will try to defeat the title contender FC Barcelona. As we saw since the Serbian team signed Dusko Ivanovic anything is possible. Last week, Red Star made another unexpected victim, Olympiacos in Piraeus, in front of crowds of Greek fans. And this colossal performance was made without Facundo Campazzo, their new expensive acquisition who will face Barca tonight.

It will surely be a fantastic battle to watch between Saras Jasikevicius and Dusko Ivanovic, who coached FC Barcelona in the past and is always very motivated when his teams are playing against Barca or other Spanish teams. I mean extra motivated because we all know that Dusko Ivanovic is always very motivated. Facundo Campazzo, who played in the past with Real Madrid will do anything on the court against the arch-rival FC Barcelona.

Barca is not having a great period after some incredible losses at 1 point against Asvel Lyon and Valencia Basket, but I think they will try to do their best because they know Belgrade is a difficult place to win even if you are a great team. Let’s see if the Catalan team could break the Serbian defense and steal the needed victory. The absence of Hassan Martin could be the only problem for the rotation of Dusko Ivanovic, while Barca has all their important players back for this game, except Sergi Martinez.

The article was written by Gratian Cormos, a Romanian journalist, book writer, life coach and mentor currently living in Barcelona, Spain.

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Photo credit: EuroLeague