Fenerbahce will have a tough game at Tofas

After the game lost with almost 20 points margin in Moscow against CSKA (88-70), Fenerbahce is back to Turkey to face one of the strongest team of the league: Tofas. I don’t know if the hysterical shoutings of the basketball guru will change the Fenerbahce’s approach of this battle and how much that will really count.

The big advantage of the host team is they have played at home last round of the Eurocup, winning against the Serbian powerhouse, Partizan. which will boost their attitude for this game. Fenerbahce travelled go and back to Moscow and they won’t be as fresh a rested Tofas, who had plenty of time to prepare the game. Even more, in the domestic league of Turkey, the teams are playing only with 5 foreigners which makes things more balanced for all.

And if you take a look at the last rounds in the Turkish league, Fenerbahce was not impressive at all: they have lost by almost 20 with Galatasaray and have won win small margins against Afyon or Besiktas. I think Fenerbahce as a group of players are affected by lack of motivation, previous injuries of some of their key players, aging of some of them that’s why the results are failing to be as expected. They have reached their highest shape winning the Euroleague title, but now they are at the opposite mental momentum.

Tofas has a very good level this season and they can surprise any team. The Turkish players coming from the bench (Baris Ermis, Yasar Muhsin, Mustafa Muhaymin, Berkan Durmaz) showed already they have the quality to help the team in the most crucial moments of the clashes. This encounter remains open to any result, but I am sure it will be a real battle and Tofas cannot cease very easy.

Photo: eurocupbasketball.com

Gratian Cormos