Fiat Torino – chaos, not basketball

After a failed season in Eurocup, with 0 victories from 10 games, I was hoping that Fiat Torino will focus now on the Italian championship where they share the last spots. I mean, now they have the roster complete, no injuries, 10 players rotation, their Italians are better than many teams have in Legabasket, a reputed coach, Larry Brown etc.

But actually the things are getting worse: the last game lost against Avellino (96-79) proved how weak and chaotic is Fiat Torino squad. When they enter the field they look like 5 people who don’t know each other, what to expect from the teammates or what to do to help the team to be more competitive.

Instead of 5 professional players, we have on the court 5 “autistic” persons, who are making nothing good in offense or in defense, but turnovers, missing shots from stupid positions, missing rebounds, giving to the opponents second opportunities and so on. It’s like a theatre, a parody of the game of basketball. It’s about how NOT to play!

The parody is good sometimes, but not on the high budget, throwing out the window the money of the sponsors and playing with fans feeling, who come to the arena to see good basketball. I think coach Larry Brown cannot impose himself and cannot be the leader for these chaotic and disastrous Americans. They have to be cut from the team and fined with the entire salary for the results of the team. They simply have to leave!

If you cannot beat Avellino, a team with so many injuries that has now just 4 good players and Patrick Young (another weak American who scores 2 points per game), you have to go home to the United States and play there in the parks in your days-off when you don’t sell hamburgers. Because you are hamburgers sellers dressed in basketball clothes. A shame for European basketball, that somebody offers you a contract here!

This Americans from Fiat Torino made the worst performance in decades in Europe and Italy. Paying them to play basketball is a bad joke, is similar with spending money to give winter clothes to the people who live in tropical areas, on the highest temperature.

Gratian Cormos,

2 thoughts on “Fiat Torino – chaos, not basketball

  1. Thanks for your article. The culprit is the son of the president, a stupid ignorant boy who was appointed vice president and who wanted him larry Brown and those players

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